The SimplRate Dental Space Analysis™

This is our trademarked space analysis designed to provide clinicians with an accurate prediction for how much enamel reduction is required to safely recontour teeth.


1.  Using calipers with pointed ends, measure the total width (TW) of the target tooth.

2.  Measure the narrow side of the target tooth (opposite side of the total width) which will be the actual space 

     (AS)that the tooth resides in.

3.  Use the SimplRate Dental Space AnalysisTM formula: TW - AS = SR


This gives you the space required which represents how crowded the target tooth is.  Do this for all target teeth.  When the total sum is obtained, this represents how complicated the treatment will be to have enough space created to correct the misalligned target teeth.


If the midlines are even, then obtain a subtotal for each side of the arch so that the midlines are not altered in any way.  If the midline needs adjusting, measure how many millimeters to the right or left of the midline that the teeth are offset.  Add this amount to the opposite side of the arch to decide where to begin tooth recontouring.


To decide the starting location for tooth recontouring, use the following rule that we have modified from Dr. Sheridan's original air rotor stripping guidelines:


1.  You can safely remove 0.5mm enamel from the mesial of the cuspid to the mesial of the 2nd molar, therefore a     


      of 1.0 mm. of reduction interproximally distal to the cuspid.

2.  You can safely remove 0.25mm of enamel from the lateral and central incisors.


This new space analysis works well in both clear aligner cases as well as traditional brackets and wire treatment. 

A total of 11mm of space can be

created safely with this method 

Total width of tooth (TW)

Actual space that tooth resides in (AS)